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Established in 1983, we mainly focus on the production and sales of paediatric milk formula products and nutrition food since 1998. In 2002, we launched the Scient brand paediatric milk formula. Our headquarter is situated in Chaozhou, Guangdong province with plants distributed in Guangdong, Shanxi and Heilongjiang, etc.

We are a leading player in China’s paediatric milk formula industry, and also have a leading position in the soymilk powder market in China. Our business mode integrates high brand recognition, imported premium diary raw materials and proprietary formula, striving to establish a high standard of quality supervision and quality assurance system. For aspects such as supply, production and distribution chain, quality control measures are improved continuously in the pursuit of becoming a first- class enterprise in the research and production of paediatric milk formula. We strictly follows the national standard to formulate a comprehensive quality assurance plan, which is fully implemented in the corporate level, striving for providing the consumers with safe and premium products.

We have two well recognised brands, under which various product series are sold targeting different consumer segments. We also sell four types of nutrition food, namely soymilk powder and paediatric rice flour under Yashily brand, cereal under Zhengwei brand as well as milk powder for adults and teenagers under Youyi brand.

Leveraging on the product series under well recognised brands such as Yashily, Scient, Zhengwei and Youyi, we strive to develop trustworthy nutrition products for consumers, with a view to facilitate the healthy growth of infants and young children nationwide and satisfy the nutrition needs of adults. Our business mode integrates key factors including imported premium diary raw materials, proprietary milk formula, advanced production system and professional marketing team with thorough knowledge on local consumer market, thereby providing all consumers with products of assurance.


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